Fast-Track Solution To Becoming A Branding Superstar, Eliminate Price Resistance, Attract Dream Clients & DOMINATE YOUR Marketplace
Who Else Wants To Charge Premium Prices For Your Time  By Becoming A
Trusted Advisor Whilst Becoming A "Highly Paid Celebrity Overnight"...?
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Dear entrepreneur,

A major shift is happening in the world of online marketing, and if you don't know what to do about it, you're going to get left behind...AGAIN?

Does this resonate or sound like you:

 You’re struggling to charge higher prices, attract dream premium level clients?

You're dissapointed in making money online, you see other people making the kind of income you want, but you have no idea how they’re actually doing it and you can't put the pieces of the puzzles together?

You feel overwhelmed by all the strategies, methods and formulas others are teaching and you never seem to be able to put it all together, let alone get any results…

You feel like you're missing that KEY INGREDIENT that glues it all together…

If this sounds like you, then you need to embrace this marketing truth:

The secret to online success lies in a single word; AUTHORITY.

Think about every single time you've ever bought a high priced product or service. You buy, invest and spend your money much more effortlessly when it comes to buying from an AUTHORITY.

Everyone already knows that celebrities get paid the big bucks. Why? Talents? Looks? Skills? Kim Kardashian; talent?

They get paid big bucks because of this little known, somewhat invisible trigger called Positioning By Authority. One of my earliest mentors Dan Kennedy taught me that "you get paid based on who you are and now what you do"....

After acquiring the skills and tools to build your online businesses under the guidance of our Platinum Coaches in the Wealth Academy Mastery program, I want to show you how to take those skills – and DOMINATE the marketplace by becoming the pre-eminent expert in your industry.

Sounds like something that would be extremely hard, or impossible for you?

Well, if you read this page until the end I will show you how exactly how I did it to the tune of $25+ million in sales, and how you’ll be able to take and copy my formula..

But before I do that I want you to think about this.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have built amazing companies and have amassed massive wealth thanks to their personal brand.

Think about Richard Branson… He’s one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world with a net worth in the billions. He’s been able to grow his businesses thanks to his personal brand.

Or Tony Robbins… His companies are generating hundreds of millions in revenue each year thanks to his personal brand.

Or Gary Vaynerchuk who runs a hundred-million-dollar marketing agency and has been able to get all of his Fortune 500 clients thanks to his personal brand.

Or Tim Ferris, who’s become one of the most popular entrepreneurs literally overnight.
Shaqir Hussyin
Founder of
Author, Backpack Millionaire
There’s no doubt that personal branding and marketplace authority has an immense importance when it comes to building a successful business…

In fact I’m willing to bet 99% of entrepreneurs understand how important building personal authority and brand are. 

So, why isn’t everyone doing it? 

Well, from what I’ve seen most people suffer from the following 3 things:
They give in to their limiting beliefs, and overcomplicate things
They believe that they are somehow “unable” or “unworthy” to call themselves experts
Lack of knowledge on HOW to do it (Without paying someone 7 figures)
And so they don’t do anything, and let the opportunity pass them by.

3 Little Known, Yet HUGE Misconceptions That Is Keeping You Stuck, Underpaid & Undervalued...
Branding Costs Millions
Wrong, wrong, wrong!

This might have been the case 10 years ago when we didn’t know better. 

You need to understand that people are turning to non-formal ways of education and are spending more and more time consuming information online, which all works in our advantage.

If you can provide good, solid information and show that you know what you’re talking about…

So no, you don’t need millions, or huge amounts of paid advertising, or 3 Lamborghinis in your garage. (Although it does help.)

You see, nowadays, with Facebook your are able to target specific, narrow groups of people that are super-interested in your offer.

By promoting to limited, highly-targeted groups and you can build your authority and presence in that specific market, and achieve a kind of omni-presence, where you’ll be able to be the Coca-Cola of your narrow audience group.

Then it’s just a matter of blasting them with your promotions and slowly expanding from there. 
Branding Is For Selfish Narcissists
If you think of personal branding exclusively as a way to become famous, and have people notice/like you… you are taking a narcissistic approach - one that probably won’t be very successful.

The most revered and coveted personal brands think of their brand as a way to deliver value to others - to contribute in a unique way. When you think about your brand as a way to achieve your personal mission in support of others, you’re on the right track.

So the way to build your brand is to actually be UNSELFISH and focused on others! 
Personal Branding Is Only For People With Many, Many Years Of Experience, And Millions In Sales
Nonsense. This is just the “I’m not good enough” syndrome talking, this stems from the mistaken belief that personal branding is all about you or your success.

It really isn’t.

When you start thinking about the needs, wants and pain points of your audiences, then you can find out what’s relevant to them. And they might not connect to the story of “experts” that are above you in the pecking order. But that doesn’t matter – if you tell your story with honesty, and keep in mind that your priority should be helping people solve their problems your story will resonate.

Therefore, don’t be afraid. Be authentic and speak up. You never know how many lives you can impact forever just by doing that. 
[Case Study] My Big, Earth Shattering Realization:
What’s The One Thing That All Of My Favorite Entrepreneurs Have In Common When It Comes To Their Personal Brand?
Ok, now that we’ve cleared this up, I wanted to show you what I think is the best (and currently only way) for relative newcomers to build their authority and achieve premium positioning in their market… but first I need to take you back a bit.

Back to the examples of great entrepreneurs who where leveraging their brands and making a killing doing it.

If you’ve been following Gary Vaynerchuk, you probably noticed that he doesn’t sell anything to his online audience. The only thing he sells online to his audience are BOOKS…

If you’ve been following Tim Ferris, you know that the one thing he did to turn from a nobody to a world-recognized authority is his 4-hour Work Week BOOK…

Tony Robbins has released many BOOKS as well and that was how he got started.

Richard Branson became more popular and wide-known after the release of his first BOOK.

They where all best-selling authors. But I knew I wanted to replicate their results… but I couldn’t replicate their methods, as at the time I just didn’t have the time, the resources nor the connections they did…
Here’s How I Took My Brand From Zero To Hero, And Then To $25+ Million In Sales… With A Dead-Simple
“Authority Sales Funnel”
Step 1
I researched, made mistakes and discovered a highly-targeted audience that had ALOT of dreams, ambitions and money to invest. I positioned myself after getting results, with Authority & Credibility and then dominated the marketplace...
Step 2
I researched their pain points and created a best selling book, digital courses and a series of high priced, high value live events to attract premium level affluent clients to do business with myself...
Step 3
I turned the entire thing into a step by step system, a complete turnkey revolutionary business model that any ordinary person can use to potentially create extra-ordinary results after following my simple system...
And here’s the secret sauce: “I didn’t sell the book.”

I actually gave it away.

Every smart entrepreneur knows that there's actually no money in writing and publishing books.

THE REAL MONEY is made in the backend. 

I created a simple sales page and a quick 6 email follow up series.

The sales page automatically sold, pre-sold and motivated my prospects to pull out their credit card and buy now.

The email followups turned the leads that didn't buy into buyers using simple automation and technology. 

All that I asked people who wanted the book to do was cover the expenses of printing and shipping. That was it. The book was essentially free.

Within a few days we were sold out… (Is it better to say gifted out?) Pretty soon I needed to find someone who could print more… and fast.

Now I didn’t make a dime selling the initial 1000 copies because I gave them away.

The money was, as they say – in the follow up.

Now I had a list of 1000+ BUYERS (since they did pay money to get the book). They kept seeing my ads constantly, and I knew they were super-targeted and interested in my offers.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY they understood I knew my stuff and I was an expert, AND I had plenty of their goodwill since I gave them a lot of free value.

I was able to leverage this trust into several $100k+ sales.

You must have an AUTHORITY based sales funnel that positions you, that builds credibility and markets for you - automatically throughout all your marketing efforts. 


Imagine How Your Life, Business And Income Could Change If You Could Have Your Own Authority Book Funnel:
  •  Instantly get AUTHORITY and RECOGNITION as an author so you don't have to beg your leads to buy from you, they get conditioned to buy already...
  •  Develop a strong personal brand and have your name recognized as a THOUGHT LEADER and BUSINESS LEADER
  •  As an established business leader and authority, COMMAND PREMIUM PRICES for your time so you aren't wasting time with broke people that are wishy washy, talk big but no action people...
  •  Easily build trust with any audience and get SALES ON DEMAND so you are selling without even having to sell...
Do you see how having this type of POWER POSITIONING in your business and life could make a major impact and completely change your life as you know it?

If you do, then you should keep reading and see if you qualify.. 
The #1 Winning Way Your Business Will Stand Above The Rest
Is By Becoming An Authority In
Your Marketplace
Authority is the name of the game.

The more authority you have, the more influence and impact and income you create in the marketplace.

If you’re a business owner looking to create a passive income online, generate endless demand for your products and services and understand that if you build a recognizable, authoritative personal brand, you’ll inevitably become more successful – then this is perfect for you.

If you truly want to achieve ELITE status and are not afraid to put yourself out there, but have no idea how to actually go about doing this, you’ll find the Wealth Academy Elite Program to be exactly what you need right now.

The information you can get out there on becoming an authority is way too vague and it’s mostly from people who don’t really have a personal brand themselves.

I’ve built a huge personal brand for myself and I’ve done it strategically, with every step planned upfront and executed carefully. Every marketing piece I have created has authority triggers built in to maximise commissions. 

Doing this has helped me win big time with my business and get instant respect and recognition everywhere I go. 
Because Of My Personal Brand I Get To Brainstorm,
Mastermind And “Hang Out” With Some Of The
Most Successful People On The Planet
I’ve had the opportunity to “hang out” with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Jeff Hoffman, Dan Pena and many other business leads who have generated billions of dollars in sales.

As a direct result of these meetings and connections I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales so far.

I’m not telling you any of this to impress you, I’m telling you this because I want you to realize that not too long ago I was a broke, punk kid whose shared a 3-bedroom apartment with 13 other people. I also dropped out of college and have no formal education.

And the reason why I’ve been able to get to where I am is because I invested heavily in myself.

I haven’t gotten $20,000 into debt by buying fancy computers and cars. I got into debt because I invested in myself, and even though at the time it wasn’t easy, now that I look back on my previous decision, I can honestly say that investing $20,000 and going into debt in order to improve myself was the best decision of my life.

And I need you to understand one IMPORTANT thing…

All the work I’ve put into building my personal brand was planned and deliberate.

And one of the best things I’ve done for myself is release my own book.

Now you’re probably thinking:

“Okay, Shaqir, it seems that building your personal brand is a lot of hard work and it takes years to do it.

You’re right. Building your personal brand from scratch is hard work and it can take years if you’re doing it alone (I did it alone and it took me years to “crack it”), but… 
What If I Could Implement The EXACT SAME
Elements That Took My Personal Brand From Zero
To Hero, And Then To $25+ Million In Sales…
By Simply Publishing An Authority Sales Funnel?
You see, the reason why building my personal brand took so long is because I had to try many different things.

One thing doesn’t take long for you to see the results of it. If you know what the right thing is, you can start seeing results as soon as you implement it.

After doing and trying so many approaches, I’ve figured out what the thing is that can propel anyone’s personal brand from zero to hero (and in my case to $25+ million in sales).

The truth is, before my brand was established, I struggled with sales.

Today, because of my brand, people are happily paying me anything from $25,000 to $120,000 to fly over and spend a day or two with me.

Imagine having the authority to command $25,000 to $120,000 per person for 6 hours of your time per day…

Imagine always having endless demand for whatever you’re selling…

Imagine knowing how to reach out to the exact same types of people who want to pay you tens of thousands of dollars for your time…

Imagine closing all your sales online and not having to speak to anyone on the phone if you don’t want to…

If this sounds like something you’d LOVE to be able to do and if you can see how this can potentially change your life overnight, then I want to extend you an invitation to…
Want To Discover The Most Valuable WealthAcademy
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Then, Join Wealth Academy Elite TODAY

And Let My Team And I Turn You Into An Established Author And Business
Leader Who Can Get High-Ticket Sales On Demand
As a member of Wealth AcademyTM Elite, you will get the opportunity to co-author a book with me personally, while my team helps you set up advanced traffic and conversion campaigns.

Here’s exactly how it works… 

Get Published. Get Recognized. Get Rewarded
By Charging Premium Prices The 
Go-To Person Gets... 
($29,997 Value)
As soon as you join Wealth Academy Elite, we’ll schedule an interview with my personal, highly-paid, ghostwriter who will extract everything we need to be able to make you and me co-authors of a premium book.

You don’t need to worry about your story or anything else. All you need to do is simply show up for the interview, answer all the questions the best you can and we’ll “extract” everything we need from you to be able to go out and prepare your new book.

Two weeks after your interview, your new book will be ready to go, co-authored with my personally, with a unique and professional cover design.

Become the co-author with yours truly, Shaqir Hussyin have your own sales funnels built for you...
You’ll Also Receive Invitations to Two, Exclusive
Elite-Members-Only Workshops
These workshops are designed to put sales and commissions into your bank account.
Effortless Premium Lead Attraction Implementation Workshop
($24,997 Value)
This is a 2-day LIVE workshop where Wealth Academy Platinum coaches will personally give you a comprehensive training on various paid traffic strategies and help you set up campaigns LIVE, on the spot.

Here’s everything we’re going to do for you at this event:
  •  Discover the TOP traffic networks that are responsible for 80% of our sales, and get exclusive insider-only invitation to use these networks (it took me YEARS and $100,000s to build these relationships)

  •  We’ll uncover your biggest money-making asset online and prepare it for massive traffic generation (so that you know the link you’re sending traffic to is guaranteed to work)

  •  We’ll design your banner ads and write your ad copy on the spot, based on our proven formulas that we use to get leads and sales calls for dirt-cheap

  •  We’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step, leaving no stone unturned.

Not only will you walk away with newfound knowledge and clarity on how to attract premium leads and tap into premium traffic, but you’ll also walk away with LIVE, running traffic campaigns that will start working and getting you leads as soon as you leave the workshop.
Predictable Customer Acquisition Implementation Workshop
($24,997 Value)
A 2-day LIVE workshop with the top Wealth Academy Platinum Coaches who will personally help you build different types of sales funnels, craft powerful emails and webinars to create a high-converting sales machine.

Here are some of the things you will be getting at this workshops:
  •  The top 3 funnel types that are converting like gangbusters right now – we’ll set them up with you on the spot

  •  Shaqir Hussyin’s most powerful email marketing strategies – written LIVE, with the help of our Platinum Coaches

  •  You’ll end up with a powerful, automated, million-dollar email sequence ready to go out and get you conversions

  •  We’ll develop a powerful webinar funnel for you based on the webinars that have generated me millions of dollars in sales, and over $600,000 from ONE SINGLE webinar
You’ll walk away with a high-converting sales machine, ready to convert any traffic you send its way into cold hard cash.
Wealth Academy Platinum 1-on-1 Coaching
($3,976 Value)
You can learn either by making mistakes or having mentors. Those are the only two ways. We understand things can get difficult, so we want you to always have access to 1-on-1 coaching with one of our 6 or 7 figure expert coaches who can help you get “unstuck” at any moment.

As a Wealth Academy Pro member you’ll get 8 sessions of up to 30 minutes with one of our Platinum Coaches who will help you get everything set up, so that you can start growing and scaling your online business.

All of our Platinum coaches have had experience building out traffic campaigns and six and seven figure sales funnels, so they are more than qualified to help you do the same.

On top of that, they’ve also been involved in creating and launching campaigns for Wealth Academy that have generated at least 6 figures in sales.

So you can rest assured knowing you’ll talk to a real expert with real-world marketing and business experience.

Here’s just some of the things your Wealth Academy Platinum Coach can help you with: 
  •  If you need anything related to technical setup…
  •  If you want someone to go over your ideas “approve” them before you go out and start marketing…
  •  If you need someone to hold you accountable and push you to actually take action and do the work…
  •  And pretty much anything else business and marketing related.
  • How to design your business based on YOUR rules
  • How to get your customer to buy more from you
  • How to make an offer your prospects cannot refuse.
  • The simple multi-step lead generation system that “calls out” to your target market
  • How to get clarity on your ideal customer
  • How to get your customers to choose you vs. the competition.
  • The automated systems you can easily “move” into your business.
Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting
If You Sign Up Today 
Wealth Academy Elite
Establish INSTANT Credibility by
Co-Authoring a Book with Me Personally
($29,997 Value)
Bonus 1
Effortless Premium Lead Attraction Implementation Workshop
($24,997 Value)
Bonus 2
Predictable Customer Acquisition Implementation Workshop
($24,997 Value)
Bonus 3
Wealth Academy
1-on-1 Coaching
($3,976 Value)
The Total Value of Wealth Academy Elite
When Purchased Separately Like Hundreds Of Clients
Already Have Sums Up To $83,967.00...

As you can see, the total value of what’s being offered here easily surpasses $83,000.00 and there’s many clients who have paid me far more for the same.

I invested over $30,000 to ghostwrite my book – the same book you’ll get the chance to co-author with me. 

Not to mention the VALUE that you get by become a co-author with ME, someone who has one of the biggest personal brands in this industry. This alone is simply priceless; I know you agree with that. 

So you can see how the total real-world value of everything I’m offering today makes sense even at $83,967.00 

However, I’m not going to charge you that much… 
For A Very Limited Time – If You Qualify...
Get Access To Wealth Academy Elite
At A Special Offer Today...
For a very limited time, you can get access to Wealth Academy Elite for a $63,967 discount…

…and only pay $20,000 to get started today. By invitation and application ONLY.
P.S. Because of the nature of the offer, this is obviously limited. A significant amount of work goes into designing, writing and launching your book. I can only work with so many people at a time.

If you want to become an authority, build a strong personal brand and command high fees for your time, you need to enroll in Wealth Academy Elite today by clicking here.

To your success,
Shaqir Hussyin
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