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Starting, Setting Up, Launching And Scaling Your Online Ads On The Hottest Advertising
Platform Since Facebook™.. YOUTUBE
Here's RAW, undeniable PROOF of 3 campaigns currently generating leads for a measly $0.50 in the online marketing niche, at $0.03 per view!
Shaqir Hussyin
Founder of Wealth Academy
“Having spent much of the last year working with my Insider Traffic Expert and the YouTube Insider....

...testing YouTube Paid advertising – the conclusion is crystal clear. If you want to be at the leading edge of internet marketing and maximise your online profits – you MUST be taking advantage of this right away... 

To grow any business, you need a constant stream of targeted, high converting traffic.  
Without it, you have no way of getting the 'new blood' you so desperately depend on.

If you’ve been building a business online for long, you've probably noticed it's become harder to convert cold visitors into leads and sales. 

Fact is, it’s not just the little guy who is struggling with traffic right now. 

There is an unfolding crisis that is affecting businesses of all sizes.
Millions of new competitors made things like Facebook ads ultra competitive, highly expensive and saturated.

Making it extremely difficult for average folks to get online and start making sales.  

If you’ve ever struggled to grow or scale your business with solo ads, Facebook or other traditional paid traffic methods, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

So you have two options. 

You can compete with the masses until everyone outbids each other making advertising unprofitable for absolutely everyone in the game. 

Or you can pay attention to trends and jump on the latest advertising opportunity before the masses. Fortunately for you, i've always been and always will be at the top of my industry to serve clients the what's working now methods. 

This is why I'm considered the highest paid marketing consultant in this entire industry charging $40,000 - $150,000 for private coaching and consulting.... 

Today, you get to tap into a vast amount of wisdom, expertise and knowledge, because i'm opening this to the general public...
...The Youtube Advertising Secret!
If you're reading this, I'm guessing you already realize the massive power of Youtube.
But you probably also know that running successful ad campaigns on any platform required a large investment for hundreds of tests, and endless hours of research.
As with any platform, you need to be able to:
  • Know how to find the right targeting options for your audience.
  • Understand how to match the right ad creatives with your perfect audience.
  • Have the right strategy for launching, testing and scaling what works.
That's why I created Video Ads Hack, to share my step-by-step system for launching highly targeted Youtube ads, proven to generate a steady stream of quality leads, sales and profits.
Meet Your Instructor
Mr P is the creator of the Video Ads Hack program.

He is a Youtube advertising professional, a specialist having personally used video ads to become a top earner inside affiliate opportunities such as Empower Network, as well as to sell physical products and much more. He is the creator of the Video Ads Hack program.  

After experimenting with virtually every traffic source, Mr P mastered his own proprietary Youtube formula and has successfully scaled profitable ad campaigns for countless clients.  

Now he'll be revealing everything for the first time, inside this program.
What Industry Leaders Say About Shaqir Hussyin & Why You Can Trust To Invest TODAY...
"Shaqir is the secret weapon for alot of industry's top producers when it comes to getting traffic. He can drive obscene amounts of traffic on call, whenever he wants."
Founder of Maximum Leverage
"Shaqir Hussyin is a phenomenal teacher and leader who really cares about his students - I can't recommend him enough, you can't go wrong with Shaqir."
Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring & The Elevation Group
"Shaqir is a good guy, he knows what he's doing, always on the cutting egde, so if you're looking to learn from someone, not only should you study what he does, but if he offers coaching or a live event, go and meet him, he knows what he's talking about."
Founder of MOBE
"The shortcut is find someone who already has the roadmap. Get the help of someone who knows exactly what they're doing. That's where Shaqir comes in. He's a future BILLIONAIRE"
Blue Jeans Millionaire - $150 Million Man
Is Youtube Really Bigger Than Facebook? The Numbers Say Yes
To put it bluntly, Youtube advertising is the most untapped traffic source online.
Inside this course, you'll discover:
  • Step-by-step how to setup an entire campaign (you'll walk LIVE as I show you an over the shoulder walkthrough)!
  • How to drive traffic to your website almost INSTANTLY (how to get traffic flowing within MINUTES of launching campaigns). 
  • How to create Google Approved websites that keep your account in good standing so your ads get approved. 
  • How to promote ANY URL (the grey-hat technique so you can send targeted traffic to any affiliate offer, sales page or website). 
  • How to find the perfect audience (so you can target the right people, who are responsive to your messaging and offer). 
  • How to optimize your campaigns for lower cost per view (shortcut your learning curve, and get ads successful faster). 
  • Much, much more.
Now before I show you how to setup super profitable ad campaigns from Youtube, I want to explain why Youtube is literally the greatest thing since the start of Facebook advertising!

With similar traffic to Facebook - Youtube is where every audience is. 

Just like Facebook ads, Youtube gives you insane targeting options so you can create ultra targeted, highly profitable ad campaigns FAST. 

The only difference is, there's virtually ZERO competition and the traffic is INCREDIBLY LOW.
Here are 4 Things That Make This Program Unique
1. Youtube Has VERY Low Competition
Most marketers haven't figured out how to tap into Youtube yet, and statistics say that less than 20% of available ad space is sold!

This means dirt cheap traffic, because of ridiculously low competition. 

Nobody is bidding for the traffic, nobody is competing allowing smart people like us to dominate.
2. It Ticks The Traffic Getting Boxes...
Youtube is FAST to setup.

Youtube us EASY to setup. 

Youtube is FUN to setup. 

When you know how to do it right, it literally takes a couple of minutes and the traffic starts flowing almost instantly. 

Ads get approved fast, so there is no waiting. 

You can target people by keywords they search, or you can literally put your videos in front of other videos. 

My videos are all over the place on YouTube as I write this letter to you... 

So when someone chooses to watch a video about Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Bob Proctor, Oprah or whatever your audience might be watching, you can get your message and ad in front of those people. 

It's also super easy to test campaigns, for a few bucks.
3. Video Ads Hack System Allows You Effortlessly To Drive Traffic To Any URL!
If you've been running ads online for long, you'll know that compliance is a huge issue.

The most profitable ad networks only allow you to send traffic to highly unoptimized websites, which means low conversions and low profits. 

With the trick inside Video Ads Hack, you can drive super targeted traffic to any URL. 

This means you can send clicks to affiliate links, CPA offers or whatever else you choose. 

Imagine the possibilities :)
4. The KEY Formula to Successfully Advertising On Youtube
Most people setup their ads the wrong way, and quit before they get them right.

They are using the wrong ad types, the wrong videos and the wrong targeting.  

Basically... "winging it". 

There is a formula for doing it right, and that’s why myself and my top clients have cracked Youtube, while everyone else jumps from traffic source to traffic source, struggling to find anything that converts or scales. 

When you exercise 'experimental marketing', you get 'experimental results'. 

That's why myself and my team decided to launch this program. 

To show a select few beta testers, my ENTIRE system for successfully advertising on Youtube and getting ultra targeted, high converting traffic for any business. 

I call this system Video Ads Hack:
Course Information
How The Program Works — Session-By-Session Course Breakdown
The program contains over 9 step by step video sessions, showing you precisely how to launch your first successful ad campaign for your business.

All you have to do is follow the easy video lessons, pause the videos and follow the steps as you watch our 'over the shoulder' walkthroughs, Video Ads Hack is quick and easy. 

By the time you complete the core videos, you'll be able to successfully launch highly targeted, optimized Youtube ads in a matter of minutes. 

Youtube Basics & Strategy
Master the art of designing effective Youtube campaigns, and understand the best practices for quality results.
Youtube Channel Setup Secrets
Step by step how to setup a high converting, traffic getting professional Youtube Channel for your video campaigns.
Advanced Audience Targeting 
Advanced targeting secrets: discover how to find and target the perfect audience on Youtube who are pre-conditioned to buy what you're selling.
Video Production Shortcuts
The key to effective video ads are effective videos! Watch as we show you exactly how to create high converting, high click through rate videos that attract attention and clicks.
Video Conversion Formula
Get the exact 'conversion formula' for extracting the most conversions from your videos, by activating a single setting in your Youtube channel that turbo charges your CTR.
Scientific Conversion Tracking
Sick of not being able to measure your results? This video shows you how to scientifically track conversions from your ads, and use the data to scale winning campaigns.
Over The Shoulder Campaign Setup
You'll watch over our shoulder as we show you how to setup a campaign in real time, so you can avoid costly mistakes and get it right the first time. Once you have this formula, you'll be able to easily launch new video ads in a matter of minutes.
Optimization & Scaling Techniques
In session 8, you'll uncover the little known tactics for optimizing Youtube videos at the campaign level, and how to scale ads by killing the low performing campaigns and increasing the reach of the high performers.
Re-Marketing Profits
In this final video session, you'll learn my simple system for re-targeting visitors across Youtube's platforms, so you maximize conversions from people who say 'No' to the first video ad they see.
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Here’s everything you get when you order:
  • Core Course: 9 Step By Step Video Sessions
  • 4 Fast Action Cheat Sheets
  • Copy & Paste Video Ad Templates
  • Bonus 1: Two Video Ad Case Studies

  • Bonus 2: Video Ad Writing System
  • Bonus 3: Video Ad Funnel Formula
  • Bonus 4: 
Video Ad Services Masterclass
  • Time required for completion: 5-8 hours.
Inside Video Ads Hack, you will learn:
  • How to find and target the perfect audience on Youtube who are preconditioned to buy what you're selling.
  • How to create high converting, high click through rate videos that attract attention and clicks.
  • The exact 'conversion formula' for extracting the most conversions from your videos, by activating a single setting in your Youtube channel that turbo charges your CTR.
  • How to setup a campaign in real time, so you can avoid costly mistakes and get it right the first time (launch new video ads in a matter of minutes)
  • How to re-target visitors across Youtube's platforms, so you maximize conversions from people who say 'No' to the first video ad they see
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